A sophisticated design featuring a symmetrical profile suitable for dividing rooms. Perfect for use with substantial stage curtains, conference rooms, sports halls, and extremely weighty domestic curtains. Effortlessly close curtains weighing up to 40kg using smooth ball bearing roller gliders and robust pulleys. Customizable lengths available, extending up to 18m.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Effortless Curtain Control

The smooth operation of the 1400 corded mechanism ensures convenient control, allowing you to effortlessly open and close curtains with precision and ease. This feature adds a touch of convenience and practicality to your interior space, providing a seamless and user-friendly curtain experience.



Heavy-Duty Performance:

    • Effortlessly closes curtains weighing up to 40kg
    • Smooth ball bearing roller gliders ensure seamless operation


Child-Friendly Design:

    • Symmetrical profile for safe and child-friendly use
    • Pulleys designed for smooth and secure curtain control


Versatile Applications:

    • Ideal for stage curtains, conference rooms, and sports halls
    • Suited for extremely weighty domestic curtains


Tailored Lengths:

    • Customisable lengths available
    • Extends up to 18m for a perfect fit in any space

Product Specifications

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Use : Curtain Theaters, Museums, Hotels etc.
Material : Aluminium
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 4 mm
Ext. dimensions:23 mm x 32 mm
Length : Up to 1800 cm
Thickness : 1.0 -1.2 mm
Load : Maximum 40 kg*
Bending : 47 cm radius
Recommended glider : 490/610/100


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