The 2005 (4 mm) Curtain Track System is a slimline, compact and elegant hand drawn track perfect for either domestic or contract projects.

Available in 12 different colour options with colour coordinated nylon fittings and bracket covers, the 2005 Track System is a market leader in manual operated tracks.

The 2005 is easy to bend and is the Best Selling track in Ireland.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Sustainable Elegance

The 2005 curtain track is crafted from a minimum of 75% recycled Hydro CIRCALĀ® aluminum, produced using renewable energy exclusively. It also features selected accessories made from 100% recycled nylon. Explore the range with 12 collection colors and complementary accessories.


Best of Both Worlds

The 2005 Track System excels in both functionality and sustainability, featuring eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impact. Choosing this track system not only provides benefits but also supports a greener future. Its position as Ireland’s best-selling track attests to its popularity and reliability among customers.

New French Bend

The graceful curvature of the French bend ensures seamless overlap of curtains when closed. This unique design prevents the typical gaps associated with straight curtain tracks, providing a secure fit and effectively blocking external light sources.


Innovative design meets sustainability, prioritizing both people and the environment. Explore our palette of 12 shades, from understated neutrals to vibrant hues, enabling you to craft the ideal atmosphere.

Product Specifications

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Use : Curtain, picture hanging and shower
curtain track, Voiles, Room Divide
Material : Aluminium alloy 6060/T6
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 4 mm
Ext. dimensions: 10.5mm x 14.5mm
Length : 600cm
Thickness : 1.2 – 3 mm
Load : Maximum 20kg*
Bending : 11 cm radius
Recommended glider : 4050 with silicone,
4041, 4042


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