5001 Suspended

Our 5001 Suspended track system (6 mm) has been designed to address technical curtain needs in hospitals and healthcare settings. Offering a range of flexible options, it accommodates both lightweight and heavy-duty curtain solutions. Widely utilized as room dividers, ceiling curtains, and in bathrooms, the 5001 track system is especially favored in both commercial and residential settings for its versatility.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Design Harmony

Crafted for discerning architects and designers, the 5001 Suspended Room Divider redefines spatial aesthetics. This versatile track system seamlessly merges beauty and functionality, providing architects and designers the perfect canvas to create captivating spaces.



  1. Hospitals and Healthcare Settings:
    • Engineered to meet technical curtain requirements in healthcare facilities.
    • Ensures a practical and efficient solution for diverse medical environments.

  2. Room Divider Excellence:
    • Transform spaces with elegance, serving as a stylish and functional room divider.
    • Enhance privacy and flexibility in various settings, from commercial spaces to residential interiors.
  3. Hand-Drawn Elegance:
    • Exquisite design with meticulous craftsmanship, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.
    • Upgrade interiors with a unique blend of modern aesthetics and hand-drawn finesse.
  4. Child-Friendly Features:
    • Thoughtfully designed with child safety in mind.
    • Provides a secure and friendly environment without compromising on style and functionality.

5001 Track System
Exceptional Extrusion

In the heart of Europe, the 5001 Suspended Track System is meticulously crafted through top-tier extrusion processes, setting a standard of excellence in quality and design. With precision and attention to detail, this track system is extruded to perfection, ensuring superior performance and durability in every inch.

Product Specifications

Applications : Healthcare
Use : Cubicle rail, Shower rail
Material : Aluminium alloy 6060/T6
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 6 mm
Ext. dimensions: 15 mm x 33 mm
Length : 600cm
Thickness : 1.0 -1.2 mm
Load : Maximum 15kg*
Bending : 11 cm radius
Recommended glider : 5739/K


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