Our 9001 Pole Track is an exceptional curtain track system crafted for both home and commercial use, offering the unique option of being hand-drawn or cord-drawn. Available in five distinctive colours, it showcases contemporary finial and bracket designs, adding a touch of style and modernity to your space. Renowned for its versatility, this curtain track serves a dual purpose, making it a favored choice as a double pole for accommodating two curtains with ease.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Renewable Style

The 9001 curtain track is manufactured using a minimum of 75% recycled Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum, produced exclusively with renewable energy. Additionally, it includes selected accessories crafted from 100% recycled nylon. Discover the diverse range available in 5 collection colors, along with complementary accessories.


Style and Strength

Not only does the 9001 curtain track system offer an aesthetic upgrade, but it also delivers impressive functionality. With a high load capacity supporting up to 20 kg in weight, it ensures stability and durability.

Get it Corded or Hand Drawn

Choose the convenience that suits you best – whether it’s the ease of corded operation or the simplicity of hand-drawn functionality, our curtain track system adapts to your preferences seamlessly. 


Enjoy the flexibility of dual curtain options and the sleek touch of modern finial details. Not only does this curtain track system offer an aesthetic upgrade, but it also delivers impressive functionality.

5 Colours, 3 Finials, 3 Brackets,
45 Options!

Discover endless possibilities for personalization with our curtain track system. Choose from a rich palette of five distinctive colors, pair it with one of three unique finials, and select from three different brackets. With this diverse array of options, you have the freedom to create your perfect combination – a total of 45 unique styles to suit your individual taste and elevate your interior design.

Product Specifications

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Use : Curtain, picture hanging and shower
curtain track, Voiles, Room Divide
Material : Aluminium alloy 6060/T6
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 4 mm
Ext. dimensions: 10.5mm x 14.5mm
Length : 600cm
Thickness : 1.2 – 3 mm
Load : Maximum 20kg*
Bending : 11 cm radius
Recommended glider : 4050 with silicone,
4041, 4042


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