A New Beginning

Step into a world of elegance with our ‘A New Beginning’ fabric, where transparency meets woven perfection in every delicate thread. Crafted to embrace your senses, its airy panels stretch gracefully to 138 cm, inviting a play of light and shadow. Infused with a blend of 14% cotton and 86% polyester, each fiber whispers tales of comfort and resilience, promising a fresh start with every touch. Let this fabric weave its magic, transforming your creations into timeless expressions of beauty and renewal.



Our “A New Beginning” fabric, is perfect for Roman blinds, curtains, and a variety of other drapery projects. Whether you envision adorning walls with striking bursts of color, adding subtle touches of elegance with muted tones, or incorporating intricate details that captivate the eye, let your imagination roam free. With this fabric, you have the power to weave together colours and textures, transforming spaces into vibrant reflections of your creativity and vision.

Product Specifications

Width or drop in cm: 138

Number of colours: 12

Pattern repeat drop (cm): N/A

Pattern repeat width (cm): N/A

Composition: 71% rPET, 15% pes, 14% co rcy

Shrinkage: 2%


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