Experience a touch of revitalization with our ‘Boost’ fabric, where transparency and intricacy intertwine in every woven panel. With each delicate thread spanning 138 cm, this fabric embodies a harmonious blend of 42% cotton, 24% linen, and 34% polyester, crafting a tactile experience that ignites the senses. Picture sunlight filtering through its transparent layers, casting gentle shadows that dance across the room, while the fabric’s unique composition adds depth and dimension to any space. Let ‘Boost’ fabric infuse your creations with renewed energy and texture, transforming ordinary interiors into vibrant havens of inspiration.


Choice for

Architects prefer ‘Boost’ fabric for its ability to seamlessly blend into a variety of design schemes, from contemporary to traditional. Its textured surface adds richness and character to spaces, while the carefully selected color palette provides endless combinations for creating harmonious environments. Whether used for curtains, Roman blinds, or other drapery projects, ‘Boost’ fabric offers a tactile experience that enhances the overall ambiance of any room.

Product Specifications

Width or drop in cm: 138

Number of colours: 5

Pattern repeat drop (cm): N/A

Pattern repeat width (cm): N/A

Composition: 42% co, 35% pes, 23% li

Shrinkage: 2%

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