Deco 1020 Motorised

Introducing our Deco 1020 Round, a motorized curtain track featuring a sleek design with a compact 22mm width and 32mm height. With easy installation and a user-friendly interface, this track combines robust construction, an elegant finial, and a selection of eight stylish colours. Opt for the convenience of electric or battery-powered options for seamless operation and home smart integration.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Powered by:
Somfy Motors

Our 1020 Deco Motorised curtain track is powered by Somfy for exceptional performance. This track boasts a robust design capable of handling drapery up to 35kg, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for your window treatments.


Deco 1020 Round Curtain Track:

    • Sleek Somfy Power: Modern elegance with motorized design.
    • Effortless Control: Choose electric or battery options for easy curtain management.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Handles drapes up to 65kg for durability.

Smart Home Integration:

    • Convenient Automation: Effortlessly control and automate your curtains.
    • Energy Savings: Regulate natural light for increased energy efficiency.
    • Enhanced Security: Create the appearance of an occupied home for added safety.
  • Tech-Savvy Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Android and iOS for convenient control.

The Architectural Dream

Architects, add a touch of modern magic to your designs with the Deco 1020 Round curtain track. Powered by Somfy, it turns curtains into smart home wonders. Easy electric or battery options give users total control, making homes both stylish and smart. Plus, it handles heavy drapes effortlessly, up to 35kg!

Product Specifications

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Material : Aluminium
Accessories : Plastic/metal/Aluminium
Track width : 20 mm
Deco 1020: 30 mm x 32,5 mm
Length : 580 cm*
Thickness : 1.0 -1.2 mm
Load : Maximum 35kg
Recommended glider : 508-0802-000, 508-
0804-000, 508-0826-000

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