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Pick Up Voile is a versatile fabric that offers a delicate and airy look. Made from 100% polyester, it spans a width of 310 cm, providing extensive coverage for various applications. Available in four elegant colors, this fabric is perfect for creating light and inviting spaces. With a shrinkage rate of just 2%, Pick Up Voile ensures lasting beauty and performance.


Elegance and Practicality for Irish Homes

Pick Up Voile is the perfect fabric choice for Irish homes seeking both beauty and functionality. Made from 100% polyester, this versatile fabric spans a generous 310 cm in width, ensuring ample coverage for any room. Available in four elegant colours, it brings a light, airy feel to your space. With minimal shrinkage of just 2%, Pick Up Voile offers lasting beauty and reliable performance, making it the ideal choice for enhancing the charm and comfort of your home.

Product Specifications

Width or drop in cm: 310

Number of colours: 4

Pattern repeat drop (cm): n/a

Pattern repeat width (cm): n/a

Composition: 100% pes

Shrinkage: 2%

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