Ray Voile

Ray Voile is a transparent sheer fabric that enhances any space with its light and airy charm. Made from 100% polyester, this widewidth fabric spans 320 cm, providing generous coverage and a delicate, elegant look. Ray Voile is perfect for creating bright, inviting environments while maintaining a soft and sophisticated aesthetic.


Perfect Blend of Light and Elegance

Ray Voile is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of beauty and functionality. This transparent sheer fabric, made from 100% polyester, offers an airy and elegant appearance while spanning an impressive 320 cm for extensive coverage. Its light-filtering qualities create a bright and inviting atmosphere, making any space feel open and sophisticated. Choose Ray Voile for a fabric that brings together graceful aesthetics and practical design.

Product Specifications


Width or drop in cm: 320

Number of colours: 4

Pattern repeat drop (cm): n/a

Pattern repeat width (cm): n/a

Composition: 80%rPET,20% pes

Shrinkage: 2%

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