Shooting Star

Shooting Star is a  blackout fabric designed for optimal light control and safety. Comprising 15% linen and 85% polyester, this fabric comes in panels measuring 140 cm in width. Its darkening properties effectively block out light, ensuring a private and comfortable environment. Shooting Star combines the natural elegance of linen with the durability of polyester, making it a sophisticated and secure choice for any space.


The Ultimate in Light Control

Shooting Star is the perfect choice for those who want to create a cozy and private space with ease. This blackout fabric effectively blocks out light, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment. With a blend of linen and polyester, it offers a stylish look and great durability. At 140 cm wide, Shooting Star is ideal for any room where you need both elegance and top-notch functionality.  

Product Specifications


Width or drop in cm: 140

Number of colours: 28

Pattern repeat drop (cm): n/a

Pattern repeat width (cm): n/a

Composition: 85% pes, 15% li

Shrinkage: 2%

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