Techno 30

Create a modern interior ambiance with the Techno 30 Hand Drawn Curtain Pole. Combining the visual appeal of a curtain pole with the practicality of a track, it is available in five distinct colors, each featuring unique finials that contribute to its minimalist design.

Recycled Aluminum
Conventional Aluminum

Main Features

Unyielding Strength

Whether you prefer a classic neutral tone, a bold statement color, or something in between, the Techno 30 provides a range of options to suit your style preferences.

In addition to its diverse color offerings, the Techno 30 Hand Drawn Curtain Pole boasts heavy-duty construction, guaranteeing a robust and long-lasting solution for your window treatment


Finial Finesse

Choose between the timeless elegance of the ball or the charming simplicity of the button. These stylish additions add a personalized touch to your curtain rails, combining sophistication with versatility for a tailored window treatment that suits your unique style.

Unlocking Flexibility

The 90-degree connector is a versatile solution that facilitates seamless connections at right angles. Ideal for various applications, this connector enhances flexibility and efficiency in assembling components, ensuring a snug fit and optimal functionality in your setups.


 This feature allows you to effortlessly install and enjoy the convenience of two curtain tracks side by side. Perfect for layering curtains or combining different materials, the double bracket enhances your window treatments, providing both style and functionality in one sleek solution.


Innovative design meets sustainability, prioritizing both people and the environment. Explore our palette of 12 shades, from understated neutrals to vibrant hues, enabling you to craft the ideal atmosphere.

Product Specifications

Applications : Domestic, Contract
Use : Curtain, picture hanging and shower
curtain track, Voiles, Room Divide
Material : Aluminium alloy 6060/T6
Accessories : Plastic/metal
Track width : 4 mm
Ext. dimensions: 10.5mm x 14.5mm
Length : 600cm
Thickness : 1.2 – 3 mm
Load : Maximum 20kg*
Bending : 11 cm radius
Recommended glider : 4050 with silicone,
4041, 4042


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